Raven Kennings (Nicknames)

Some Kennings/Nicknames for Ravens (Contains No Jokes):

Basically, a Kenning is "a circumlocution used instead of an ordinary noun in Old Norse and later Icelandic poetry." To find out more about Kennings, why not have a little Wikipedia sesh

Here are my raven-based Kennings:

Nightmare Scavenger

Black Flyer

Poe's Prince

Sky Dot

Garden Scarer

Jet Beak

Tree Watcher

Death Box

Sleek Feather

Death Sender

Crow Seemly

Nought Fearer

Swoop Swiftly

Sky Dancer

Dark Bearer

Roof Dart

Nature's Sentinel

Bold Head

Brash Flank

Pitch Mystery

Uncanny Friend

Humble Egoist

That Bird

And that is enough of that.