Moving through Public Spaces

I'm getting better at moving in physical space and around other people. Now, when I enter a busy pedestrian zone I set my gait to tentative and my voice to apologetic and I just go...

There are still challenges, such as doors - popular entranceways and bottlenecks can be a real test of one's ability to move well. The trick is to be decisive: see a blockage, open the body up like a top-order batsman and get the back flat against a wall, giving all the other folk a good bank along which to move. The key is not to dart straight into the centre of the throng, head bowed, furtively thrusting this way and that, misleading people as to your intentions.

And if it's your job to hold the door open for the others, do it with composure. Grasp the bastard quickly, as if to say, 'yep, I've got this one guys, go on, I'll be here for a good few seconds yet!'. Don't just parry it away. If you just thrust a heavy door open, it can slam back, traumatising a young wrist or shattering an elderly hip.