The Royal Wedding

Unless you've been trapped down a hole (LIKE THOSE CHILEAN MINERS WERE!!!?) for the last 6 months, you'll know that this coming Friday is no ordinary coming Friday. First of all it's a bank holiday, but I don't imagine many people will be too concerned about not being able to pay a cheque in! That's right, there's a little (that is if you consider a service in Westminster Abbey, some of the most powerful leaders from around the world in attendance and a nation of millions watching on TV sets at home (as well people in countless other countries!) to be little!) wedding taking place in London.

For most people it's a day off work and a way to celebrate everything British (St. George's flags, St. George's hats, the list is endless!), but for any self-respecting satirist such as myself it's an opportunity to take a side-on look at this momentous day. ;)

So here it is - my Royal Wedding Skit. (Just don't tell the Queen!)

Lights Up

Westminster Abbey.

Vicar/Priest (at least it's not an Imam. Although the way things are going...): Will you, Catherine, take this man to be your lawful wedded husband?

Kate: I will.

Will: No, I Will. You Kate!

Lights Down

To anybody who finds that offensive or disrespectful then I'm sorry but it's just a joke for God/Allah's sake! If you can't deal with that then I suggest you get off my blog and visit a website more to your tastes, this one perhaps.

Well, whatever you think about the monarchy you have to admit that's it all good fun. From the novelty t-shirts to the novelty jumpers there's plenty to enjoy! I'll be sad when it's all over, to be honest. What have we got to look forward to after that? Well, if William is anything like his father it will be the Royal Divorce (can't imagine people throwing as many street parties for that event.) I don't think we've got anything to worry about. Kate strikes me as the sort of girl who knows how to keep her man wanting more;)

Enjoy the wedding everyone, and to Wills and Kates... have a good honeymoon. I'm sure they will ;)